Why you should get your home appraised by a professional.

Why you should get your home appraised by a professional.

Why you should get your home appraised by a professional.

The real estate market can change rapidly. Trying to stay on top of all the incoming information out there is a full-time job! Understandably, that can make it hard to stay up-to-date with the true value of your home and where it sits in the market.

While there are many online resources through websites like Domain or even through your banks, it is important to note that these figures are only estimates based on the averages of your suburb. As they do not provide the depth of understanding that a professional Real Estate Agent has of your market, these figures could undersell or overestimate your homes true value. Not knowing your greatest assets value can set you up for failure with unrealistic expectations, or provide limits on your real estate investment options.

The most obvious reason to have your home appraised is when you are thinking of selling your property. Being aware of what competition your property has in the market and what you could reasonably expect to sell it for is integral to avoiding disappointment. Selling a home can be stressful; nobody wants to have the process drawn out because prospective buyers are not seeing value in a poorly priced property. Having your home appraised by a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent gives you the power to plan appropriately for your next property in addition to marketing the sale of your current one effectively.

What if you are not ready to sell? Well, that doesn’t mean that there is no benefit to having your home appraised. The home loan market gets more competitive every year, and given the current climate, banks are scrambling to get new business with the official rates so low. 

Understanding the true value of your home can assist you with planning how best to realise your property’s equity for a better loan. A professional Real Estate Agent will also have access to a network of other professionals that can assist such as Finance Brokers that will be able to get you the best home loan for your particular circumstances.

What is the best part about having a market appraisal done for your home? We come to you, and it’s completely free! Our friendly agents are available and will work around your schedule to find a time that suits you to have a confidential chat about your property and goals.

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